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Turkey vs Chicken

Turkey vs Chicken
Turkey for dinner because the shop didn't have any chicken. I've always preferred chicken, turkey has always seemed tougher and less tasty. And yet shops continue to sell turkey products and Americans continue to eat turkey sandwiches. Have I been wrong all these years? Is turkey just as good as chicken? Worse still is the terrible truth that turkey may be better than chicken? I think it's time to leverage modern methods to sort this mess out.

Well let's start at the top. Google. A simple search of 'which is better, chicken or turkey?' reveals that users of wiki.answers,, ehow and all seem to agree that turkey is better for you from a nutritional standpoint. Also many thought turkey had more flavour. In terms of raw numbers of search results it's difficult to get a fair comparison, the figures are skewed by sites and pages pertaining to Turkey the country. The fairest terms I could come up with were 'turkey bird' with 80 million results and 'chicken bird' with 67 million results. Google seems to find that turkey as a bird and edible foodstuff is in general superior to chicken.

Hmm, 1-0 to turkey so far. Where next? How about second most popular site on the internet (according to alexa) The highest rated page dedicated to the turkey is a page called 'turkey' and currently has 3633 likes. For the chicken? Well, somewhat predictably it's the 'Kentucky Fried Chicken' page which clocks in at this moment with 3,215,031 likes. Landslide victory. And this raises another good point: If turkey is so great how come there aren't whole fast food chains that exclusively serve turkey? Damning evidence indeed.

The score evens to 1-1. Suppose it better be youtube next. Due, again, to the influence of Turkey the country this is a little tricky. Toss the word 'bird' in there again and it comes out at 8830 to chicken and 5940 to turkey. There were one or two 'turkey vs chicken' videos, but judging from the thumbnails the videos are likely to be either very dull or morally questionable. In either case it would not be appropriate for them to influence this decision.

2-1 to chicken. How many tweets on each in the last half-hour you say? What a marvellous way to find out which is more popular! 18 for the chicken and none for the turkey. Clearly people that are concerned with healthier meat options don't generally use twitter.

3-1 to chicken, it must be thanksgiving because it's beginning to look rather bleak for the turkey. Can turkey redeem itself? Let's cast our eye over the font of all unqualified information, wikipedia. Surely the more popular bird will have the most information, poorly presented and dubiously sourced though it may be. The turkey article comes in at just over twelve hundred words with the chicken article at a shade under seven thousand.

4-1 to chicken. Scrabble word score generator? Chicken 18, turkey 13. 5-1. Well it appears that on the internet chicken as a concept is generally more highly regarded than turkey. But here's the real decider. Which bird has the better free online game dedicated to it? Under this criteria turkey wins by a country mile.

The fact is there are no good chicken games, and there is a fantastic turkey based game, Jet-Pack Turkey of Tomorrow. It's a vertically scrolling shooter which removes the need to master fiddly controls by using the mouse to manoeuvre. This makes it much more accessible, additionally it's easy to play on a tablet with a stylus. With an incredible retro feel and gorgeous 1920s style artwork it's well worth checking out.