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Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs
Following an interesting brunch, I scoured the internet for a good egg based game. Most egg games I came across were puzzle games, but I wasn't looking for a puzzle. I was after some action. After having played several rather poor games I came across a real gem.

Funnily enough I put so many eggs in because there was no bread to go with it, I had thrown it out the day before because it was "off". In hindsight it would have fit in quite well with the rest of the dubious comestibles. You might wonder why I not only concocted but also ate that meal. You might assume I was trying to get food poisoning. You might assume I was trying to gain weight. You might assume I was loading up for the big fight. You might assume I was attempting to resolve a matter of competetive speculation. These are all reasonable assumptions.

To be sure, I did not look at this motley rabble of ingredients and believe I was about to prepare a meal that was worthy of a monarch, or better still Ramsay. The truth is I got up late, skipped breakfast and by eleven of the clock I was hungry. Really hungry.

The game that eventually caught my attention was eggs. It's a simple concept, but has an addictive quality. And I post it here not purely because I enjoyed playing it, but because I reached a point beyond which it seems impossible to progress. I suspect shenanigans. Play it, see if you can achieve a score higher than 230. Then email me to tell me how you did it.