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Fat Shark

Fat Shark
Saw a film called 'The Reef' the other day, and a certain aspect of it caught my interest. I'm not going to reveal any major plot twists or conclusions, but if you haven't seen it and don't want to read any spoilers, well, go and watch it then come back and read this.

It's a shark film. Kind of a cross between 'Jaws' and 'Open Water'. When the shark eventually makes its appearance the tension was, for me, spoiled to some degree by the fact that the shark is a bit...well...portly. It's a fat shark, and he doesn't even have a menacing look on his fat little face. Didn't find him scary at all, in fact when he reappeared later I half expected him to be wearing a hat with a propeller on it whilst clasping a big lollipop with one of his fins. One of the big fins near the front. No fingers so he'd have to wrap the fin round the stick somehow. I suppose if a shark was going to eat confectionary it would be easier for him to go for sherbet or something he could just scoop directly into his mouth. Although sherbet would dissolve in the water. Probably best for sharks to stick to eating fish.

Whilst the sudden appearance of a tubby shark may have lightened the mood, it's arrival also caused another moment that seemed humorously out of place. As soon as the protagonists spot the sharks pudgy dorsal fin one of the men emits a series of sounds in surprise and alarm. The sounds he makes remind me of similar sounds uttered by a character from a comedy program or film. Again, tension ruined for me because my mind is associating it with humour. Problem is I cannot place which TV show or film, and it's driving me crazy. So if you've seen 'The Reef', know which bit I mean and can somehow guess from where I might be recognizing it (yeah, a long shot), then let me know.

Suitably interested in sharks, chubby or otherwise, I went in search of a shark based free online game. I found an 'Ecco the Dolphin' clone, an intriguing top down one where you must pilot a sea boat according to wind direction whilst avoiding a shark which was altogether too difficult for me and a number of side scrolling eat-em-ups. The last bracket including Sydney Shark. You control a shark that's travelling the coast of Australia eating everything. Really, everything. You can eat boats, jump up and eat passengers on the observation decks of ocean liners. It's reasonably common in the average game to leap from the water and grab a helicopter out of the air. It's even possible to intercept a passing missile with nuclear warhead payload, although this appears to immediately end your game, for obvious reasons.

Sydney Shark is a great game, with crazy action matched only by the crazy scores. Check it out here on the Kongregate website.